//KOS // Call home to the archive and obtain the stats // about a body. // ASSUMPTION: YOU WANT TO END UP ON VOLUME 1 WHEN // DONE. (Future upgrade: when and if it becomes // possible to query "what is my selected volume?", // change this code to remember the original volume, // and switch back to whatever it was at the end.) // declare parameter bName. // Change this one next line when querying volume name in a future release: set prevVol to "1". print "Contacting mission control to get stats.". switch to archive. run bodyDB(bName). print "Returning to local volume: " + prevVol. switch to 1. // Use local drive to store self-modifying code. log "dummy" to tmpCmd. delete tmpCmd. set cmd to "switch t" + "o " + prevVol + ".". log cmd to tmpCmd. run tmpCmd.